Getting to know you, Fiona's plan

Fiona Denton-Giles started at Enrich Group this month as Specialist Services operations manager.

In the coming weeks, she will be travelling around meeting as many people as she can.

Her experience in the disability sector covers more than 30 years, most recently contracted as acting area manager for Idea Services to problem solve in an area that needed work before a permanent manager was appointed.

Fiona, who has two adult daughters Mandy and Courtney, lives in Tamahere with her husband Rhys on a lifestyle block and enjoys horse riding, animals and spending lots of time with her two-year-old granddaughter Meila.

Enrich Group chief executive Karen Scott, centre, with operations managers Janne Nottage (Services) left, and Fiona Denton-Giles (Specialist Services) right.

Before that she worked in both New Zealand and Australia working alongside funders and providers both in a hands-on capacity and in management, in the last eight years worked across New Zealand in national roles.

“I love being able to support people to move forward with positive results.” This includes both people with a disability and staff to grow in new roles, says Fiona who has worked with both children and adults with disabilities.

“I love working in an organisation that practices the core values I align with.”

The senior leadership team, l-r Johnathan Tan, Janne Nottage, Karen Scott, Fiona Denton-Giles, Janet Steffert.


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